The news is starting to buzz with reports of who might be running for president in 2012.  I am especially encouraged that the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) held a straw poll this past week, declaring Ron Paul the winner with thirty percent of the vote.

One man doing some serious threatening to run is the Donald.  Yes, Donald Trump is producing even more hot air than normal, perhaps due to the ratings being down for his TV show.  I’m figuring why the hell not have a President Donald?  Just to maximize the Bizarre Factor, we can give him a whiz-bang running mate like, say… Rod Blagojevich!

Imagine that ticket, if you can.  Better yet, imagine the slogans!

  • The Guess the Hair party
  • The What’s that Dead Animal on Your Head party
  • Appeal to religious conservatives: Blind Hairdressers for Jesus
  • Congress: You’re Fired!
  • Obama: You’re Fired!
  • Why wonder if they’re lying: neither of them ever tells the truth
  • Bringing Guilty from Chicago to DC