Twitter for Android has quickly risen to first place of the Android Twitter apps, and it looks to gain even more ground with an update that rolled out late last week. Twitter for Android version 2.0 brings the experience on Android devices much closer to the iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry versions, giving Twitter a more unified mobile experience. What’s changed in the update? Read on to find out.
No longer requires a sign-in
On the old version of the app, you couldn’t even search through tweets without making an account. Now you can browse through tweets, search, look at trending topics and more without ever signing in. If you decide to sign up, you can make an account easily from inside the app.
Design Changes
The most obvious improvements are in the design department. Twitter has dropped the obnoxious cloud graphics and the new version presents your timeline in a much cleaner way, similar to the Twitter apps for Mac and iPhone. There are buttons across the top that let you switch between timeline, replies, messages and lists, and when you start to type another user’s name in the Tweet box, the app gives you the option of auto-completing based on your followers.
Twitter for Android 2.0 offers a much improved interface experience in every area of the app. You notice it everywhere–from the timeline to the individual tweet pages to the search. Speaking of search, that’s also been upgraded.
Improved Universal Search
The Search box in Twitter for Android 2.0 has been enhanced, allowing you to search for terms inside tweets, in usernames as well as location-based from one single box. To go directly to an account, just type @username into the search box. The app decides what the most important way to search is based on your entry, and searches the appropriate places. It’s overall much easier to search on Twitter for Android 2.0.
Contact Discoverability
Another feature hidden away at the bottom of the search page is a “Contact Scan.” This is an easy way to find your friends on Twitter, especially if you’re just starting out. The app will scan through your contacts and show you a list of everyone on there who also has a Twitter account. It searches by name as well as email address, and definitely makes it easier to get started on a new account.
Overall, Twitter for Android 2.0 is a great improvement and definitely takes the Twitter app to the level of some of the best Twitter clients around. Head to the market and download or upgrade right away!