President Obama has proposed a $5.50 fee on every visitor from Canada who travels to the US by air or by sea in his latest budget.

Proposed New Tax On Canadian Visitors To The US
Photo by Jerry “Woody”

Canada and the US have the closest relationship of any two countries in the world, and this tax will cause many Canadians to reconsider trips to the US. The proposed tax is small — but it’s the pettiness of it that’s irksome. In the second quarter of 2010, we made approximately 3.607 million overnight trips to the US and 1.7 million of those were by plane. The top US destinations for Canadians were New York state, Florida, and Washington state in that order.

If Canadians cut back their US trips, it will most affect the economies of the states of New York, Florida, Washington, Hawaii, and California (not necessarily in that order). I urge you to write your federal senators and congressperson to tell them that this tax is a bad idea.