As far as this indie music, physics loving geek goes, this story has everything.  I first heard of this awesome contest blending music and physics from a post over at Boing Boing.

I simply had to read more.  It involved a contest, the large hadron collider that was supposed to turn Earth into a black hole, and the creation of music.  The only way it could get any kewler is if they could get Nicole Kidman into the mix somehow.

How is all of this connected?  Well, the process is called “sonification,” turning numbers into sound, and all of the audio files are available online.  SynthGear decided to turn it into a re-mix contest.   You can listen to the individual tracks over at SynthGear.  Most of them are fairly short, very science fiction-like and spacey sounding. I downloaded all of them and the entire playlist is not even seven minutes long.  They also have a brief explanation of each sound.  I personally think this is totally kewl.

Readers, it may be time for you to head over to Audacity and get started on your own mix for submission.  The prizes are your choice of either the Cubase or Electronic Dance Music (EDM) on Ableton Live from Point Blank Online.  The sounds are eclectic and electronic.  I am listening to them as I type and I am honestly thinking about creating something before the 28 February, 2011 deadline.