A few days ago reader Buffet asked me my opinion about upgrading his computer to IE 8. He is using Windows XP and was concerned about problems IE 8 had caused when it was first released. I mentioned that I had not used IE in over five years so I did not have the expertise about IE, but I would find an answer for him. I did some checking with other MVPs who are experts in IE and Windows XP and learned those issues had been addressed and all should be well. So I recommended that Buffet do the upgrade.

Last evening he got a hold of me in the comments section and stated:

Ron, for some reason now, my ‘right click’, ’save picture as’ won’t work now. This is after using System Restore to take me back to before I attempted the IE8. EVERYTHING ELSE seems to work. What could possibly have happened? Any suggestions?

While I was checking for an answer Buffet posted this as well:

…make that ALMOST everything – The “delete” key on my keyboard won’t work.

But it was this disturbing comment from Buffet that really concerned me:

Ron, my Acronis True Image says ACCESS DENIED when I try to open it. I’m starting to get worried!

I advised him to download and run Malwarebytes on his system in safe mode, because this was beginning to sound like a critter invasion. He stated he did run Malwarebytes and that it did find a few things, but I haven’t found out what they were. He was tired and was heading to bed as was I when our conversation ended. This AM I found a few IE 7 repair options and linked those to him via email.

This morning I set him a couple of links on how to repair and reinstall IE 7 to get it fixed.

He will be getting a hold of me this evening after work, so I need some suggestions on what he needs to do to get his system back to normal. He did do a system restore before trying the failed IE 8 install. The restore did nothing. I told him to try a previous restore point, before the failed install, but I haven’t heard the results as of yet.

Tonight. when Buffet emails me, I would like to have some suggestions available for him. Any help here would be highly appreciated.

PLEASE! Do not tell me that he should change browsers. I have already covered this subject in a previous post here at Lockergnome.Link is here.

Comments welcome.