I read an article yesterday in which there was an interview with the CEO of Nvidia. His take on the future of the notebook computer is that they all would resemble the Apple MacBook Air. He also stated that since there are no heat pipes, fans, nor the addition of extra batteries to carry around, a thin, light notebook made sense. He also stated that this was his vision for notebook computers by the year 2012.

While I respect this person’s opinion, and while I also believe that all future notebooks will be lighter and faster, one needs to look at what happened to Dell. In 2009 Dell introduced its Adamo notebook computer, which was going to be a direct competitor against the Apple MacBook Air. Priced at $2,000 when it was first introduced, the lightweight, thin notebook did not sell well.

Dell is eliminating its Adamo notebooks. At its outlet center I found two models being sold at steep discounts:

Adamo XPS notebook without a DVD RW drive for between $919 to $999

Adamo XPS notebook with an external DVD RW drive for $999

All of these computers come with Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4GHZ processors, 4GB of RAN, 128 GB solid state drive and Windows 7 Home Premium. Screen size is a modest 13.4″ and the units weight in at about 4 lbs. So much for the air aspect of a lightweight computer.

So why did the Dell Adamo fail? Price. Few of us could afford $2,000 for a notebook.

With newer ARM Processors and the new Tegra Processors from NVidia, the future does in fact look bright for thin notebooks. In addition the promise of new processors that come with the operating system on-board could bring to us instant on computers. This is one of the things I truly like about the Google Chrome Cr-48 test computer. Boot is instant.

What do you think? Was Dell ahead of its time? Can you see yourself with a lightweight notebook in your future?

Comments welcome.

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