If you have never had software fail to install properly on a Windows PC, then the computer gods have blessed you. But someday, somewhere, at sometime in your computing career, most of us will experience a failed software installation. The first one we want to blame is Microsoft because it made this crappy OS! Wrong. Over the years I have tangled with technical support over software installs and have heard the entire gambit of excuses of why software will not install. I recall I was working on the installation of software to upgrade the accounting program of one of my clients that was a garbage company. No matter what I tried I could not install the software. I called the software company and one person told me it was Microsoft Windows 2000 that was the problem. I told him to stop right there. His software was supposed to work with Windows, not Windows to work with his software. We together eventually found the problem. It seems that sometimes we forget the basics of installing software and the problems the installation of any new software can cause. Even with Windows 7 we can have issues. So here are a few of the things I do before installing software:

  • Create a restore point. Also a backup image, online backup service, or other type of backup.
  • Do a backup of your important stuff. You should be doing this on a regular basis anyway.
  • Make sure your computer is 100% malware and virus free. I recommend using Malwarebytes.
  • If you are already having a problem with a program, doing an upgrade is not going to fix it. Fix the problem first.
  • Make sure that Windows is updated and as well as all of your drivers.
  • Confirm the software is compatible with your versions of Windows, security software and so forth.
  • During installation disable your firewall and security software.

I am sure there are other suggestion out there, but these are the basics you should do. With that being said, most of us don’t bother and just proceed full steam ahead until we run into problems. So that restore point may fix the problem. What do you recommend? What steps do you take before installing software? Comments welcome. Malwarebytes free download can be found here.

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