An article over at reports that a car, aptly named Wind Explorer, traversed the continent of Australia. It took the two passengers, the designers of the vehicle, 18 days to travel the distance and the car reached a top speed of 55 mph.

Wind Explorer can now claim to several firsts:

“the first vehicle powered by wind to cross a continent, the longest overall distance covered, and the longest distance covered by a wind-powered vehicle in 36 hours.”


The car is a rather unique emission free vehicle and the technology used in it is pretty amazing. The vehicle is made of a carbon fiber on an aluminum frame and only weighs 440 pounds.

The vehicle uses an electric motor to power the drive train. The motor is basically the same motor electric vehicles use except its batteries are recharged by wind turbines, tethered above the vehicle, and look like some type of para-sail.

The website for the project, claims that the entire journey cost only 10 euros of electricity. The site also has lots of videos of the car in action. They dub it “kiting.”