When most people think about Amazon’s S3 services, their first thought is elastic computing. And for the most part, this is completely accurate. But what most people are completely unaware of is the fact that you can now host static Web site through S3. You read this right, so long as you point everything to the right places, static Web sites on S3 are possible now. How’s that for reliable up-time?

What you need

First off I recommend CloudBerry Explorer. The latest version provides full-on static Web site support that will allow you to point to direct Web site properties such as index.htm.

How To Host Your Static Website With Amazon S3

So for those already familiar with using S3, you simply create a new bucket and then ensure that it has Web site features enabled. If you’re using a Web site with non-static content? This remains unclear at the moment, however, the clear advantages of running a static Web site from Amazon’s S3 are beyond obvious. The stability and ability to take large traffic hits are just built-in nicely.

Blogging with S3

If you’re willing to forgo the ease of using a database, it is possible to run a blog from your S3 account. The key of course is that you’re working with static pages instead of dynamic ones.

Clearly a turn off for many people, others still actually prefer this method as there are no databases to bloat or watch become corrupted over time. Just set up directories reflecting your URL hierarchy and you will be all set.

In the end, S3 isn’t for most Web sites. It’s great for those in need of static Web sites, to be sure, however most bloggers will do well to simply continue leaning on their existing trusted hosting services. After all, migrating to a new destination is never any fun.