It is being suggested that Google may be considering the elimination of the URL bar in its Chrome Browser. This would be a major deviation from what most of us have become accustomed to since the first browser brought the Internet into our homes. Many of us can recall the days of using Netscape with a 14.4 dial-up modem and just how unfriendly the URL bar was. One missed back slash or period led us down a path that could be difficult to get away from without restarting the browser. So this latest rumor about the possibility of no URL bar presents us with an opportunity to change the way we interact with the browser.

So if Google does dump the URL bar, how would the new interface look? On its Web site, Google has four potential GUIs that it is looking at. Two of the GUIs, classic and shortened, are currently under development.

The compact design would only show the URL when the page was loading or when a tab was selected. It seems that Google wants to trim down the GUI and what appears on your browser. Some people are criticizing the new suggestions and making threats to stop using Chrome as their surfing software, which is fairly typical when any familiar feature is removed from any software.

But the bottom line is going to be: do we really need the URL bar any more? When was the last time you typed in a URL address to get to a specific Web site? Between the items we have bookedmarked, that are located in our history lists, and that we have placed on our Bookmark Bar [a feature I use], would we really miss the URL bar?

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