The Internet is a wonderful place to glean information, but it is also a place where some people can take advantage of the Internet when posting comments or reviews. These floaters actually surf the Internet looking for topics that they are passionate about, and will try to convince us that what they are posting is fact. Last week I posted an article asking people which browser they use and why they liked it. I ended up receiving some 70 plus comments in which about 80% spoke such glowing words about the Opera browser, that one would believe that those of us who use anything else are dummies. In fact one person who placed a comment this morning told me just how dumb I was in no uncertain terms.

Because of this idiot and his cowardly ways of taking advantage of my extremely good nature, no further glowing and loving accolades of Opera will be posted in the comments section. If this was the only time that this has happened I would just dismiss it. But this has happened before and as luck would have, happened again when I was visiting the Best Buy site looking at the Motorola Xoom tabled computer.

Motorola Xoom has not been released as of this date. Yet there are 20 reviews of the product. These were not product reviews. These were people who were expressing their opinion about the product before they even tried it. One after another they complained about the high price Motorola was charging, how it could never beat the Apple iPad and so on.

I am sure that I am not the only one who has noticed this. Having read reviews for products on other web sites, it is easy to see the biased responses some people post. It is also easy to spot when there is bias towards one product over another. I guess I am just a purist and just appreciate honesty when taking the time to read any reviews. I am just living in a world where this is not going to happen.

What about you? Have you experienced any fake or false reviews and if you have, how do you deal with it?

Comments welcome.

Source – The Blade article

Best Buy – Motorola Xoom