If the government shuts down, how will we know?

This could be a great way to save money!

Gaddafi vows to go down as a martyr.

I say grant him his final wish.

San Fran may vote on circumcision ban…

Here’s hoping the vote will come up short.

Picasso Unplugged?

I don’t care if they’re guitars – they’re still ugly.  And the president isn’t wearing any clothes.

Indiana House Dems Flee State

Track them down and try them all for treason.



Truly the only legitimate awards that night.  Jeff won “Best Rock Instrumental Performance” honors for “Hammerhead,” as well as “Best Pop Instrumental Performance” for “Nessun Dorma.”


Today I’d like to salute two nameless men.  These heroes, pilots in the Libyan Air Force, were ordered to bomb their own countrymen.  Rather than blindly obeying, they defected to Malta.

I only hope our brave men and women would disobey similar orders.