By now I am sure that all of you have heard the news, that Amazon is going to provide free movie streaming to members who are using their Prime membership. The price, which I pay, is $79 a year for free 2 day shipping through Amazon. Like millions of others, I believe the $79 a year fee is a bargain when you see how much UPS or the USP people charge for mailing a small package. So yesterday when Amazon announced they would also include free streaming to Prime members at no additional charge, I was pleased that they didn’t raise the price for Prime membership.

But not everyone was pleased. When I was reading an article over at InformationWeek, I noticed this comment which I will dissect:

In order for this to work, you need to buy a Roku box ($199), then pay $79 per year just to watch online content?

This statement is erroneous. Roku pricing starts at $69.99 for their least expensive model the model HD, $79.99 for their XD model for 1080p streaming and $99.99 for the XDS top of the line model.

The $79 fee includes free 2nd day shipping for a year. Streaming is a free extra.

This is too much, especially when you can get the same thing from websites like TVDevo that offer a very similar thing without requiring a Roku box. All you need is an internet connection and your computer to watch with it.

If I am going to watch a movie in HD it will be on my HDTV and not on a computer. I stream from Netflix via a Roku to my HDTV and HD is high quality. My computer provides a mediocre picture nowhere near HD quality.

Good luck Amazon, but no thanks.

I seriously doubt that Amazon will go broke without this persons support. I for one like free streaming for us Prime users. Thanks Amazon!.

Comments welcome.

Source – InformationWeek