The folks over at the Google Chrome OS team are starting to rethink their approach to the OS and could be expanding into other platforms. The team is posed to start focusing on the approach they take when it comes to windowing. These changes may also apply to the Google Chrome browser and the proposed changes such as eliminating the URL bar that I have previously written about.

In addition, the Google Chrome OS team is considering hardware acceleration to support and also to consolidate the Chrome UI across different platforms including Windows, OS X, and Linux. Also mentioned on the Google Chrome Web site is support for OpenGL, Direct 3D, and Win 32 as well as other open source support.

Google has this chart showing its proposal and areas of support:

What will all of this mean for you and me? Currently on my Cr-48 laptop test computer, the Chrome OS is limited to just one single window open at a time. When Google finally implements the changes to its OS, users will be able to open multiple windows for multiple users all at once.

Google has also has scrapped the idea of completely supporting HTML only. The project team is indicating that it is looking into using JavaScript front end code.

I personal believe that this is an exciting project that may influence the way we all do our computing, whether in the cloud or not. Google seems to be gearing their fight towards both Microsoft and Apple, by not only offering changes to their Google Chrome OS, but also to its Google Chrome Web browser.

We may start seeing a blur between the difference of the Google Chrome OS and Google Chrome browser in the very near future.

This is a rumor, but Google may — just may — release the final version of the Google Chrome OS sometime mid-year.

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Source – Google The Chromium Project