If you’re like every other living, breathing adult, you likely hate waking up in the morning with an alarm. With Zazu, a new alarm clock app for Android, your morning alarm might become more enjoyable.

Zazu┬ábills itself as the “Smartest Damn Alarm Clock.” The app offers a few sounds to initially wake you from sleep, then offers to read you news, tweets, weather and/or your to-do list, while you snooze for a few. Users of Zazu can create numerous alarms and vary features for each alarm, depending on what type of information you want to hear. Each voice alarm can be customized to include your choice of news feeds via RSS and the latest from your Twitter feed. You can also include reminders from text notes to be read when the alarm goes off, such as a reminder to take out the trash or put clothes in the dryer.

Android text-to-speech alarm clock app Zazu is currently only available on Android and uses built-in Pico TTS text-to-speech voices to read your selected news, weather, reminders and tweets to you. The default American English voice is not the most soothing to wake up with, but there are a few additional choices that sound more pleasing. The direction Zazu is heading with this idea is novel and much more ideal than trying to read through this same information upon first waking, especially if text-to-speech voices become more natural sounding.

You can find Zazu in the Android Marketplace or you can go to GetZazu.com and scan the QR code.