I love sleeping in – up until the point when I wake up over an hour late because my Samsung Fascinate froze overnight, rendering the alarm clock useless. On top of that, the phone switched permanently into airplane mode for the fifth time since I bought the Samsung Fascinate last December. With no signal, I had to frantically scramble into the office for a mid-morning conference call since I had no working phone of my own.

We won’t get into the technicalities about how this might have happened. The great thing about Android, though, as I have raved about for months, is its open platform. Some modifications developed on this platform can apparently interfere with radio firmware and otherwise cause instability and glitches. The frustrating part is that without these modifications, the Samsung Fascinate just isn’t that appealing when compared to a phone like the iPhone, which was not available on Verzion last December when I bought the Fascinate. Lucky for me, the iPhone 4 is available on Verizon now.

The problems with the Verizon iPhone 4 are evident, including problems with its antennae.  Android is otherwise extremely flexible, and I have even trashed the notion of using the iPhone on Verizon. When it comes down to it, the attractiveness of an Apple product compared to an open platform is its sheer stability. I didn’t intend to walk into Verizon this afternoon and leave with an iPhone 4, but when Verizon said they couldn’t warranty replace my Samsung Fascinate without waiting up to two days for a replacement phone, I needed an alternative. As the Fascinate was the closest competitor to an iPhone on Verizon at the time I purchased it, I knew I only had one other choice if I was going to stay on Verizon – the iPhone 4 itself. After a few key questions to seal the deal, including that the details of our family plan would remain the same and I could use one of the upgrades available to grab the “new customer pricing” for the iPhone, I walked away from my short-lived addiction to Android.

And after only a few hours, I can see how many others do the same. With a simple and intuitive interface, iTunes integration, and a front-facing camera many Android phones lack, the iPhone is just easier to use with advanced functionality. After having to change so much about my Fascinate to do what I wanted it to do, it’s refreshing to finally have a phone that was designed with these desires in mind. I could also rave about iPhone 4 notifications, music, and apps for days – but I’d actually rather go play with them.

Did the Verizon iPhone 4 cause you to switch phones? Or are you happy with the phone you own?