The definition of certainty has always been the negative outcome of a parole hearing for Charlie Manson and Sirhan Sirhan.  Sirhan never stood a chance due to his misdeeds.  Charlie is just plain bat-excrement crazy.  He could always be counted upon to make things more interesting by claiming his own divinity or scrawling a swastika in his own forehead.

There exists a chance that at least some of this might change tomorrow, when Sirhan Sirhan (himself himself) will appear before the parole board with two psychologists’ reports stating that he is no longer a danger to society.

Logically one could argue that Sirhan was never a danger to society; he was simply a danger to Robert F. Kennedy.  Having disposed of his duties, re: Kennedy, he is no longer a danger.

There, I’ve summed it all up logically and neatly.

There are, of course, some who will state that Sirhan was never consciously a danger to anyone, RFK included.  From the small amount of research I have read on the case, I am probably one of them.  There is a very interesting book called “RFK Must Die” that you might want to read to acquaint yourself with the case.

Psychiatrists have examined Sirhan (how does the reader know when I am referring to Sirhan the first name or Sirhan the last name?) and it appears that he has no knowledge of the crime he committed.  I am going to go with the conclusions of at least one of the psychiatrists, who states that Sirhan has no knowledge of the crime because it was triggered by prior programming.  The Manchurian Candidate was more than just an entertaining movie: this is documented fact.

As one might expect, there are also too many bullets from too many directions to have been fired by one man, a waiter.  There was also a couple at the restaurant, the female of which wore a polka-dotted dress.  These were alleged to be the folks who set off Sirhan’s programming.  If you are going to argue that there’s no such thing, please stop reading at the top of the page and don’t bother commenting.

What would be truly interesting would be to get Sirhan to a good deprogramming specialist.   Of course Sirhan would be dead long before he ever visited that office.  Whoever programmed him in the first place has him exactly where they want him.  California is doing their job for them.  Perhaps justice would be better served if the people guilty of ordering and carrying out the programming all went to prison


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