It’s not often that Microsoft executives make verbal gaffes, but when they do , they shoot for the moon! The latest one is from newly christened general manager of the Interactive Entertainment Business for the Redmond company, Rahul Sood, who is also late of H-P, and founder of Voodoo PC.

He tweeted that all business executives should carry an Apple notebook, which is probably not what the boys in the ivory towers of Redmond, along with the many Microsoft working partners, want to hear.

Acknowledging your competitor’s prowess is one thing, but saying that everyone should jump ship is quite another.

Earlier this week Rahul Sood, founder of VoodooPC and Microsoft’s month-old general manager of Interactive Entertainment Business, tweeted: "Every executive in the pc industry should use an apple notebook. apple doesn’t just design products, they designed their business & process."


He then went on to eviscerate his former employer, Hewlett Packard, says the piece from PC Magazine.

The story goes that after his tweet, he was heard to say that H-P could have been Apple, but did not have the patience, or intelligence to see the fact that all people want is what looks good to them (Slapping everyone in the face must be part of this guy’s plan to charm all the world!) Basically, he he stated that “people” are not really interested in specs, but in the good feelings that they get from devices they wish to purchase.

He may be correct about some, but there is a good deal of the populace that would oppose that idea, and he was not terribly sensitive to see that those that might have been interested in following his tweets were among that crowd that does care about the quality of what they buy. After all, it is not the same crowd that is also following Martha Stewart for household tips.

It is, to me, very odd that someone who founded a specialty PC brand would say something as odd as that – not only because you generally don’t make friends through the insult process, but also because his dealings should have shown him that many people are interested in the use of items of higher than “average Joe” quality.

It will be interesting to see what his tenure at Microsoft is, with the early poke in the eye to those he works with and for – kind of like biting the hand that feeds, you might say.