Most of us are familiar with Facebook, but has anyone heard of ‘Crimebook’? The novel social networking site was set up by two British teens to entertain the criminal element of society. These teens were raking in the money to the tune of some $26M with some 8,000 crooks using the social site to exchange stolen credit card information. The teens also shared the bank accounts of some 65,000 customers who had their accounts hacked by the thieves.

What is amazing is the fact that the Web site was able to survive for about five years before being shuttered by the authorities. The authorities also indicated that the social site shared information on how to hack computers, make computers malfunction, steal personal information, and that all of this was done on a scale that was described as ‘massive.’

The two teens were arrested at their local school and each had their computers confiscated. On one computer, police found stolen credit card information for some 100,000 stolen cards. But the teens were not going to go to jail quietly. In fact the pair left the country and went to Spain, hoping to outfox the law. While on the run, one teen actually taunted the cops into finding him.

The teens may have known computers and how to hack bank accounts, but what their experience did not prepare them for was they were stupid enough to return to the U.K. and were subsequently re-arrested. Taunting the cops and returning to the U.K. just shows that these teens were just, in fact — well, for a lack of a better word — kids.

The teenagers were sentenced to five years in the slammer. Two other cohorts in crime were sentenced to 18 months and the other for five years.

The teens’ parents were stunned when they learned what their children had done. One parent stated that these are the type of people security firms need to employ.

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Source – The Sydney Morning Herald