Consistently you always hear people complaining about Apple because they are always updating their products. “Oh well if I buy an Apple product then they are just going to update it right after I buy it!” For instance, I bought a MacBook Pro last May (Core 2 Duo). Now, in less then a year, the MacBooks are refreshed with new i5, and i7 processors, including quad core options.

Am I mad about this? Definitely not. If all you worry about is having the newest technology, and how once you buy something, it is going to be outdone by a refresh then you will never stop worrying! All I can do is buy the best technology available when I need a new device, and then if an update is released so be it! I’m not mad or angry at Apple because now they are releasing newer and better products. In fact I am happy because I know that the company from where I bought my computer is always working to perfect their machines, coming up with new technology.

What do you think? Do new updates to a product you’ve bought make you annoyed?