I had no idea that when I walked in to work, things would be so good.  You have to agree that last week’s revelation that we are working with a gay porn star was pretty funny.  It would definitely be pretty hard to top.  And you also have to agree that what happens where I work (the Twilight Zone) is much better than anything we could make up.

As I walked into my office this morning, I heard what I assume was the tail end of a sentence:

“… and he wouldn’t let me touch it.”

I stood, open-mouthed, for a second, then looked at the lady who uttered the sentence and repeated what I heard for the benefit of the rest of the office.

“And he wouldn’t let me touch it.”

I was pleased to discover that the rest of the office found it every bit as amusing as I did.


Legally speaking, sexual harassment is in the ear of the beholder.  We were cautioned to be careful of this at work.

This legal fact only highlights the open (altered) universe in which my workplace exists.  The guy who sits next to me stopped by to repeat what he just heard in the common kitchen.  There were two rather large women, who were comparing notes on where their thighs hurt when their husbands flipped them over during sex.

What has been heard cannot be unheard.


Another fellow was backing up someone’s smart phone pictures by request.  He turned several shades of white when he discovered, among the personal pictures of the guy’s kids; several of his sizable wife, in varying poses, wearing little to nothing but a riding crop.  And performing certain activities.

So naturally he had to share the bounty with his coworkers.

What has been seen cannot be unseen.

The previous day, this fellow, who is apparently not having a good week, made a somewhat unfortunate statement out loud:

“I’ve got a mouthful of your nuts…..”


You can’t buy this kind of entertainment.