So you’re in the market for a new computer. Replacing a desktop, as that is what died, is on your agenda. Just one minor little problem. The idea of placing yet another PC on that old desk just isn’t setting too well with you. Sure, you tried to wrap your mind around it. But it just wasn’t working for you. This brings you to the realization that you need to find a computer that not only can be used on the desk, but could also be moved easily to other parts of the house. We’re not talking about something super-portable, just reasonably mobile.

Quest for the desktop replacement

When seeking a desktop replacement, you’re looking at laptops and often those with really large screens. So a great resolution is one of the things you want in one. What are some other benefits you should be seeking?

What To Look For In A Desktop PC Replacement
Photo by ComputerMonger

1) Plenty of power. Powerful CPU, graphics and enough RAM to multi-task easily.

2) Non-reflective screen, if this works for you. Right out of the box, you need to decide whether or not a reflective screen is going to be a hassle for you. Reason being that you’re going to be moving this laptop from one location to another, so maximum flexibility is critical.

3) Is the screen and keyboard comfortable for you? This may sound overly obvious, but the fact of the matter is that you need to be able to emulate the kind of experience you had with a standard desktop computer. So a large enough keyboard with good touchpad positioning is a must. As for screen size, bigger is generally better when replacing a desktop with a laptop computer.

Gotchas to watch out for

One of the biggest things to watch out for is thinking that plugging in the computer into any old outlet will do. While this is common practice, I recommend having a “home base” area for the laptop. This way you’re free to connect it to a UPS or surge protector. With that, just follow the previous above steps and you will be in good shape. Doesn’t hurt to do some homework checking out the reviews on laptops that pique your interest, either.