What a difference a decade can make. 10 tears ago Apple was mainly noted for its laptop and desktop computers and commanded only a small percentage of the entire computer market. Companies like Microsoft and Intel were the kings of the hill and seemed unstoppable. But that was then and now these companies are trying to compete against Apple products like the popular iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Today, everyone is asking if these two giants can catch up to Apple.

Yesterday my wife and I were watching the NBC Today show. Featured was a technology guru who was touting the benefits of the new Apple iPad 2. Words like faster, thinner, and lighter were used to describe the benefits of the new iPad from Apple. But what surprised me was this from my wife. She said she would actually use Facebook more if she were able to have a computer that was lightweight and just sat on her lap. So guess what? She doesn’t know it yet but I just bought her an Apple iPad 1 for her to play with. Thanks to Ron Knights I decided to take the plunge as well.

Last night I had dinner with some of the other members of our church youth leaders group. One person has been using an Apple iPhone and just loves it. He stated with his iPhone he didn’t need a computer any longer and he surfs the Internet and answers his emails directly from his phone. I had also previously mentioned that our middle daughter bought a MacBook last year and also received an Apple iPad for Christmas. Our grandson, age 11, won an Apple iPod from his Boy Scout troop, which he likes. His Nintendo DS is sitting in his room collecting dust. There are others who I have spoken to who have also made the switch to Apple products. Even Ron Knights here at LockerGnome bought an Apple iPad 1 and wrote an article about his recent purchase.

There are also other companies like Google who have joined the fray. In fact, some reports seem to indicate that Google’s Android phones may take top spot. Also Google, is testing its new Cr-48 with its Chrome OS that may also give Microsoft and Apple a run for their money. As I have stated before, 2011 is going to be a very interesting year and we consumers are going to be presented with a multitude of new tablets, phones, and computers.

With ARM processors gaining in popularity and with Microsoft seemly stuck in Windows 7 mode for everything that is being built, it does make one wonder if Apple and/or Google will become the new kings of the hill. I even find myself looking at other options to replace my Toshiba laptop at the end of this year.

When my wife receives her new her Apple iPad 1, I’m sure she will write an article about her¬†experience.

As I sit here in front of my trusty PC, it makes me wonder just how many other PC users have become Apple converts? Have you taken the plunge? What has your experience been?

Ron Kinghts Apple iPad 1 article

Source – Engadget