I wrote yesterday about having ordered an Apple iPad 1 for my wife as a surprise gift. So this morning when I read that the Apple iPad 1 was obsolete, there was no doubt in my mind when the computer arrives, I would not even open the box and just toss the computer in the trash. The original article I read featured 10 reasons why the Apple iPad 1 featured ’10 technologies that outdate it,’ I trimmed the list down to 5 of the most ridiculous. That’s right. Ridiculous because this article smacks of biased and flat-out dumb asinine reasoning.

1. The Apple iPad features a screen that is 9.7 inches while the Motorola Xoom features a screen size of 10.1 inches. The Samsung Galaxy also will feature a 10.1 inch screen. Can anyone explain to me how much bigger .4 inches is? I fail to see any difference. Even the writer of the article stated that ‘is it the end of the world? Not in the least.’ But stop right there. Wasn’t this article going to provide us with reasons why the Apple iPad uses outdated technology? .4 inch in screen real estate is hardly outdated technology.

2. No dual core processor. Newer tablets that use either Google Andorid OS or some that will feature Windows 7 may need dual cores. Could the reason be that Apple has a more efficient OS that operates fine with a single core?

3. No 4G. OMG! No offense but I have been using Verizon’s 3G service on my Google Cr-48 and it is fast enough. I’m a speed freak and if 3G satisfies my needs I know it will be just fine for most users. There is one thing that outweighs 3G vs. 4G: Staying connected. What good is any speed if you are being dropped right in the middle of surfing on the Internet?

4. No dual cameras. There is a deal breaker. Oh, wait, I have a camera on my phone. The Apple iPad 1 cannot be used as a toaster. So toasters are obsolete. No, toasters are designed to make toast and not be used to surf the Internet. So all tablets are obsolete because they can’t make toast.

5. No video conferencing. Gee, that is obvious since the original iPad has no cameras. I have never video conferenced. I have no intention of video conferencing in the future. Does that make me ‘outdated technology’?

My take is that the original Apple iPad 1 is a toy for consumers to use to surf the Internet. The Apple iPad 1 was not designed for hard-core video editing nor designed for playing high-tech games. Any idiot can figure this out.

What do you think? Am I just being critical because I already have buyers remorse and wish I had not purchased this lame obsolete technology? Or are these short comings and the article itself, just an attempt to draw people to the Web site?

Comments welcome.

Source – eWeek