In spite of being the AntiSports, here is a story that absolutely required mention.  Apparently there’s a yearly hockey match that’s quite contentious.  It’s the much-anticipated FBI vs Secret Service game.

The CIA has spent almost a year doing recon in preparation for the game.  Since they cannot legally operate inside the country, half of the CIA personnel stationed in Virginia have moved to England, where the spying is good (and free).

Meanwhile, the NRO has been doing surveillance from space.  What do you think all those satellites are up there for anyway?

P.S.  The NSA cannot state whether hockey exists or not, but they already know who won and the score.


A New York lawyer tried to deduct the services of prostitutes as medical expenses.  He failed.

I would have to argue with the IRS here.  Let’s put aside the fact that the IRS should be disbanded for a moment.  After I gave birth to my first kidney stone, the urologist told me that it was important to ejaculate a lot, for the good of my prostate.  I asked if he could write me a prescription for some hookers.  He allowed that he would, but my insurance wouldn’t cover them.  Apparently the IRS won’t either. [Legal robbery]


How to adopt a great dog.  A very good set of tips, one and all.


A Tampa, Florida motorist was detained by (figurative) jack-booted thugs for attempting to pay his toll with a one hundred dollar bill.

I’m surprised they didn’t jail him for drug dealing and impound his car.