I’m more efficient when I have a thorough understanding of browser keyboard shortcuts. I mastered IE keyboard shortcuts ages ago, then migrated to Firefox keyboard shortcuts. I’ve since switched to Google Chrome and have found most of the great Chrome keyboard shortcuts too. As Google Chrome continues to grow in popularity, I figured I should probably help pass this important set of tools along. As of this writing, 21.58% of visitors to JakeLudington.com use Chrome, while 19.24% of Lockergome’s visitors are using Chrome. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re part of that growing group because you don’t need shortcuts if you don’t have the browser. If you want to see the shortcuts in action, be sure to watch Matthew Sabia’s excellent tutorial that shows you how each of these tips work

If you just want the short cuts, here are some of the Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts I find most useful:

Ctrl+Shift+B hides the short cut bar below you the universal address search box.
Ctrl+T opens a new tab in your current browser window.
Ctrl+Shift+T opens the most recently closed tab in a new tab.
Ctrl+W closes the Google Chrome tab you currently have open.
Ctrl+N opens a new Google Chrome window.
Shift+Esc reveals the Google Chrome task manager, which shows you which processes are running.
Ctrl+J shows the list of Google Chrome downloaded files and reveals a download search so you can find a previously downloaded item.
Ctrl+L highlights the text in the URL bar, allowing you to type in something new.
Ctrl+Shift+Del opens the Chrome Options, allowing you to tweak your browser settings.

Some not quite Google Chrome Keyboard shortcut tricks you should also know include typing a word in the browser, then use Ctrl+Enter to make the word a URL and go to that site, just like in Firefox. So if you type ‘lockergnome’ in the URL bar and then type Ctrl+Enter, it will take you to http://wp3.lockergnome.com.

If you drag any link on the Web page you are viewing to the tab area of the browser, Google Chrome will open the link.

Holding Ctrl while clicking a link opens the link in a new tab, just like IE and Firefox.