It’s hard being a grown up. All those places to be, people see, things to do, and…oh, shoot. I know, I just forgot I had something to do, too. With Remember the Milk, an app for the iPhone free from the Apple iTunes App Store, remembering all those things to do just got much easier.

Remember the Milk is a great productivity app that helps you organize your tasks not only by day, but also by lists, such as Personal, Study, and Work. You can remove these pre-set lists, and/or add your own that make sense for your professional or personal life – you could use these lists to really micromanage your tasks to-do. All tasks are also dumped into an “All Tasks” list, so that you can see the entirety of your to-do list in one glance.

Your to-do list is available in Remember The Milk in several views, including by Today, Tomorrow, and This Week. These calendar views list all tasks from the entirety of your lists that are due on the selected day. To “complete” a task, just swype your finger as if you were going to delete an email, and click “complete.”

Tasks are incredibly easy to add in Remember the Milk. Each screen of the app features a quick add bar – just click the “plus” sign, and fill in the fields, including the name of the task, the assigned list, priority, due date, and other fields, such as an associated URL. Once the task has been added, you can add in notes about the task, such as any related names or phone numbers. A great feature about Remember the Milk is that phone numbers added to the notes feature are recognizable by the iPhone and can be clicked on to automatically dial. You can also sync Remember the Milk to your Google account and add tasks right from your Google Calendar. If you have a free Remember the Milk account, the accounts will sync every 24 hours. An upgraded Pro account will sync automatically everytime a task is added or deleted, which is a nice feature if you are especially busy. The Pro version of Remember the Milk also features push notifications for reminders.

Remember the Milk provides a great to-do app for the iPhone with not only fluid integration with a Google account, but a strong web-based platform to use when not at your laptop – because, let’s face it, we’re not actually always glued to our iPhones. When mobile, though, Remember the Milk is a solid productivity solution for the iPhone.