It seems like everyone I know is either pregnant, or has been within the last year or two. Though I am not knocked up – nor plan to be anytime soon – I realized after seeing each and every one of these pregnancies “documented” on Facebook that there has not, until now, been a better way to share pregnancy details. Not that I particularly cared, but surely, there must be an app for expecting moms to not only keep track of all the details of pregnancy, but easily share with friends and family their contractions and baby’s kicks – right?

Of course there’s an app for that.

Inspired by a long plane ride with a screaming baby rows behind me – and a dead laptop, leaving me with only my iPhone to play with – I found the best pregnancy app for the iPhone: Sprout – Pregnancy Essentials for the iPhone. This app is available for $2.99 from the Apple iTunes App Store and made by Med ART Studios and American Baby Magazine. The Sprout app for iPhone features lifelike fetal imagery at every stage of pregnancy, so expecting mothers can get a sense of what their developing baby looks like. The Sprout app also features week-by-week physician advice – for example, a woman who may have just conceived are advised that the exact date of conception may be unknown (…ahem) and to be aware of an increased sense of smell. Expecting moms can also find a “Pregnancy Timeline” here, which details the history of their pregnancy and upcoming milestones.

The Sprout app for iPhone provides a great way for expecting mothers to track their doctor appointments, allowing women to categorize them as a Checkup, Ultrasound, Test, or Other, for future reference. You can also add notes about the appointment, and add boilerplate questions or symptoms to the appointment in the app to remember to ask or bring up during the appointment. Part of the great thing about Sprout is its integrated ability to share details about your pregnancy, so as part of the appointment feature, you can email each appointment and all related details with the click of a button.

Sprout – Pregnancy Essentials for the iPhone also features a to-do list, where you can add your own notes, as well as lists of Newborn Essentials and what you may want to back for your Hospital Bag. You can delete or add from these lists, and I can imagine how useful these lists would be while preparing for a new baby. The app also features a “tools” section that includes a Weight Tracker, a Kick Counter and a Contraction Timer. All of these “Tools” are enabled to share each detail on Facebook, which could be fun for friends and family that care. (Sorry to all roommates from college I just offended.)

This app may lack a few things – such as recommended food lists and a symptom tracker – but those things are probably best left up to medical professionals, anyway. In addition to its organizational and social features, the Sprout – Pregnancy Essentials for the iPhone app ┬áis also great because it can be reset to be used for another pregnancy – or, perhaps, by someone else.