Thanks to Ron Knights and his heads-up on the refurbished Apple iPad 1 tablets over at the Apple Store, the one I purchased for my wife arrived yesterday. The unit was in perfect condition without a mark or scratch on it. Kudos, Apple. In addition, the tablets are ‘Apple Certified Refurbished’ and carry the full one year warranty as the new units do. After logging into the Apple iTunes Store and going through the registration process, I had the tablet connected to my home Wi-Fi and was surfing the Internet.

My wife does some very basic functions on the Internet, which are mainly confined to Facebook and email. She also surfs occasionally for recipes, grocery coupons, and a few other things that interest her. But over all her surfing is extremely light and the little Apple iPad 1 was a delight for her to use. Oh, for those who state that the new Apple iPad 2 is going to be blazing fast, that might be, but this unit is plenty fast on my 10 Mbps cable connection, which I am sure helps while surfing.

The wife had a meeting last evening so I was able to play with the Apple iPad 1. One word that I think that describes the little computer is ‘fun.’ It is really fun to use. It is lightweight, surfs the Internet with ease, and using it on Facebook was a breeze. The only problem I have is that the keyboard is OK for typing short messages, but I don’t think I would want to write an entire blog article on it. The built-in keyboard is slow for me and I found it awkward for typing. But that is just me. On the flip side I really like using the touch screen. It is quick with a light feel to get around a Web page quickly without the use of a mouse or trackpad.

So how does the Apple iPad 1 compare to the Google Chrome Cr-48 prototype?

My wife told me what she thought. She liked the Cr-48 but found the weight on her lap heavier than that of the Apple iPad 1. The weight difference is about 2 lbs. + and is noticeable to both of us. She also stated that she liked using a device where you didn’t need to use a mouse. The Cr-48 trackpad still is quirky and she had mentioned this to me before even using the iPad. She mentioned to me that, in her opinion, it is apparent to her that Apple makes a superior high quality product compared to any other device she has used, including the Cr-48. She mentioned that the Cr-48 was just a small laptop, nothing more, nothing less.

For what I do on the Internet, I need a real keyboard to type on. The Cr-48 fits my needs better than does the iPad. But I do have to agree with my wife on one point. Apple makes a superior product and it is going to be very difficult for others to catch up. In about a month we are going on vacation and my wife will bring the iPad with her and I will bring the Cr-48 with me.

After we return home I will do another review and post both of our opinions in another article.

Comments welcome.