Every technology company in America believes they are impervious to self destruction no matter what arena of technology they pursue. We saw how companies like AOL and Yahoo! were destroyed from the inside out when these once mighty companies tried to become something they were not. Even Microsoft has struggled trying to be a cell phone company and appears to be trying to buy itself success by throwing some rumored $1B at Nokia. On the flip side Google has found success in the cell phone market with its Android OS, which is now the dominant player in this area of technology.

Microsoft also has tried, without success, to be your encyclopedia expert. Remember Encarta? How about their MS Money and accounting programs? All are gone. IE has lost market share over the years and Bing is having limited success when compared to Google and its search engine. So why would a successful company like Facebook, that has a super successful social networking site, want to splinter itself and venture into uncharted waters?

One of the things that Facebook has been doing is ‘tweaking’ its site, which most users think has been a PITA [Pain In The Ass]. I have seen many of my friends complain about these tweaks and how to fix what they see has not being broken in the first place. It seems to me that companies like Facebook, that are overflowing with success, don’t have any more tweaking to do and become bored.

Instead of coming up with something new, similar to what Google did with Android, they seek to ride on the coat tails of others who are successful in their business ventures. This is what I see Facebook about to try — riding the coat tails, or should I say attempting to ride the coat tails, of Netflix. What makes Facebook believe that it can do a better job than Netflix? I don’t believe it really thinks it can. It is just arrogance and greed that makes the company want to try.

So is it just Facebook that is going to try a new venture that could potentially fail? I believe that it is also going to be Waterloo for Google and its Chrome netbook computer. I also think that the Windows 7 tablets may fail along with Microsoft’s attempt at another cell phone. But that is just my opinion. Others may have a different opinion.

So how will Facebook fare in the DVD/Blu-ray rental market?

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