I’m not the most fashion-forward female, despite being surrounded by friends who love to walk around town in uncomfortable heels – even for ballgames or a hungover brunch. I can’t help but wonder though – could an app on my iPhone solve some of my poor choices, leading me to fashionable skinny jeans (which, let’s face it, don’t look good on anyone) or the perfect cardigan combination (which I probably don’t need more of, anyway)?

Probably not. I tried Stylish Girl, a free app from the Apple iTunes App Store, to test out this theory. The idea might be good for the fashionably OCD female armed with an iPhone who just can’t keep track of all those blouses, sweaters, trouser jeans, and heels in her life – but for anyone normal (and with better things to do), these types of fashion apps are a waste of time. Stylish Girl features a “closet”, where you can add photos of each item from your real closet to reference should you forget what you own. (You know, just in case you are channeling your inner Cher from Clueless.) You can even take these items and make outfits – which could be useful if you are exceptionally creative yet can’t keep track of your genius combinations of threads. The app also features the ability to snap pictures of clothes while shopping and add them to your “wish list”.

Of course, all of these features could be accomplished without using an app. Stylish Girl does feature the ability to share your “outfits” from your “closet” to Facebook and Twitter, which actually just adds an extra step to sharing your photos. You can just as easily share photos directly from your iPhone photo gallery. Additionally, other features in Stylish Girl, such as the ability to pack a “suitcase” is ridiculous. A packing list is always useful for any trip, but there’s nothing to replace literally packing a suitcase – especially for a long trip where there is an essential need to mix and match.

The app could be fun for a younger demographic – the 14 year old in me is still a little excited about the idea (probably because that 14 year old is still channeling a little bit of Cher from Clueless). In reality, though, Stylish Girl is pretty useless for anyone else. If you must take a picture in the dressing room of Nordstrom to share with your BFF, keep using the iPhone camera and share the photo of your potential new favorite jeans the old fashioned way.