You have probably seen a QR code somewhere today – on a business card, in a store window, or on a flyer. QR codes are similar to a bar code, but when captured with a smartphone camera using a QR reading app, the QR code directs you to either a URL, Facebook page, FourSquare check in page, or can be translated into a phone number or text message. If you feel like getting creative for your own print media, such as by adding a link to your website on your business card with a QR code, here’s how to create a QR code:

To generate a QR code to a text-based messages, is a great option. Simply type in your message into the field – for example, – then click submit. A QR code will be generated that, when captured with a QR reader, will display this text. The longer your text message is, the more complicated the QR code will be, and vice versa. also has plenty of options to share the QR code on Twitter and Facebook, as well as options to copy and save the image to use on your own printed media.

Another great app to generate QR codes is QR-Code Generator, which can be used to generated QR codes that, when captured, direct users to webpages, including Facebook and Twitter pages. QR-Code Generator also can generate code to direct users to a phone number, which some QR Readers will automatically recognize and users can click to dial right from the QR reader app on their smartphone. To generate a QR code with QR-Code Generator, select the content type you are creating, such as a URL, text, or phone number. Then, input the content, such the URL itself. Choose the size of the QR code to be generated, hit “Generate!” and your QR code will appear. You can copy and save the QR code as an image to use for print, or save the URL of the QR code itself to use on the web.  Feel free to get creative with QR codes,  but just remember – the location a QR code points to can’t be changed after the code is generated. Have fun!