The ultimate boot CD is perhaps among the most valuable IT tools that a local PC repair person can have in their software toolbox. Not saying it’s going to replace a good multimeter, but it’s not too shabby for tackling the software needs of a good diagnostic! What all does it actually do? A better question is what doesn’t it actually do, perhaps.

Did someone say features?

floppy-based diagnostics from the comfort of your CD-ROM. BIOS diags, CPU testing tools, boot management ninja accessories, data recovery solutions, hard drive and memory diagnostics, plus a whole lot more. The ultimate boot CD pretty much offers everything a person could want for handling basic PC diagnostics. If there was one CD you need in your computer repair tool bag, this is it.

Burning a CD vs creating an image on USB flash drive

Ultimate Boot CD USB
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These days floppy disks are a forgotten memory and optical media isn’t far behind. This translates into more people than ever looking to getting this great software onto something a little more 21st century friendly. This, of course, means using a USB based medium. The exact how to is provided clearly on the customization page. Follow along carefully, accept that this is a command line tool, and as long as the directions are followed closely, you should do just fine.

An alternative approach

For those of you who’d rather not use the command line interface to create a bootable USB key to run the ultimate boot CD from, it can be done from within Windows itself. It’s actually reasonably simple; just follow along from this USB key guide and you will be all set.

And there you have it! Access to the best bootable CD ever designed for running diagnostics and making software-based repairs, whether it be done from a CD or a USB key. The value is self-evident. All that is left to do now is ensure you have the most recent copy of this invaluable tool ready to go on your next tech emergency.