The way we use our computers is going to change dramatically this decade and the changes will be coming fast and furious. Starting in 2010 we saw the first devices that featured non-Microsoft operating systems that actually make many new devices function on par with Windows or that actually are better. Operating systems like Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Chrome, and Linux versions such as Mint are now capable alternatives to Windows. Now HP is talking about placing its recent purchase of webOS on all of its computers, along with Windows, starting next year. This will allow consumers to try the webOS, which HP is hoping they will prefer over Microsoft’s popular operating system.

In the past most consumers only knew one thing: Windows was what made a computer work and Windows is what they used exclusively. Mention Linux and they look at you like a deer looking into the headlights of an oncoming car. Consumers using computers are a lazy bunch, and if Windows worked, why change? That was than and this is now. There are new kids on the block that consumers are trying and starting to like.

The entire phenomenal change started with Apple and its iOS, which is used on its popular iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Google followed with its Android OS and is in the process of beta testing its Chrome OS. Consumers suddenly realized that there was a life outside of Windows and that the alternatives offered extremely friendly operating systems that were easy to use. Gone are the days when we struggled trying to learn how a computer system worked. The slimmed down operating systems are intuitive and the learning curve is quick for experienced users.

So will the experiment by HP to include the webOS along with Windows change the way we compute? I seriously doubt it will and here is why. Most users will not even play with it. They will just use the operating system they are familiar with and that is Windows. Do you think I am wrong? Try a simple experiment. The next time you start talking computer geek with a non geek, ask them their thoughts about Linux, iOS, Android, or Google Chrome. Ask them if HP will be successful with webOS.

The odds are they will not have a clue as to what you are talking about.

Now I have a confession to make. I have tried Linux Mint, used the Cr-48 Google Chrome netbook, and played with my wife’s Apple iPad. They are all great products and I enjoy using them. But my computer of choice is my Toshiba 17″ with a full keyboard and running Windows 7 Ultimate. It just works for me for my daily chores on the Internet. Everything fits like a glove and it may be a while before I completely dump Windows. In fact it may not ever happen.

But that is just my opinion and my choice. I respect whatever you use and hope you enjoy your computing experience as much as I enjoy mine.

Comments as always are welcome.

Source – Tech News Daily