The news and first beta of a new app designed to manage running applications and windows was introduced by Stardock this week.

“The current PC task management metaphor hasn’t really changed in over 18 years,” said Brad Wardell, President & CEO of Stardock. “In recent years, mobile devices have been able to introduce users to more modern metaphors of arranging their digital life.  Tiles has been designed to update that metaphor to the PC experience.”

Tiles works by taking advantage of the wider aspect ratios of today’s desktops. On the right side of the screen, a page of tiles is displayed. Users may have multiple pages that they organize as they see fit or make use of several sample page filters such as displaying only active windows or only web pages. Users can then switch between pages either by clicking on the page title or on touch systems by sweeping their finger across the page to “turn the page”.

Also check out the getting started guide: Getting Started with Stardock Tiles

Tiles is available via Impulse for current Object Desktop subscribers!