Last week I mentioned that I had been at Best Buy playing with the Motorola Xoom, and found it a great product. It is a slick device and the Android Honeycomb operating system is very, very sweet. I had also mentioned that I bought my wife the original Apple iPad on sale at the Apple store, refurbished for $349 and that she loves. So today it was back to Best Buy to play with the newest Apple iPad 2. I am fortunate to have an in at our local Best Buy and I was able to have the new toy all to myself for some 30 minutes.

The unit I was able to latch onto was the Apple iPad 2, 64G, Wi-fi & 3G Model: MC775LL/A, priced at $829.99 which is  just about the same price as the Motorola Xoom. I was able to set up my Verizon wireless account on the unit and took her for a spin. The Apple unit is fast and nimble, but so was the Motorola Xoom when I tried it. So I wondered why, according to one associate I spoke with, were the sales of the Motorola Xoom slow?

This afternoon I found an article over at ZD-Net that described some of the problems being associated with the Xoom. Apparently the Android Honeycomb system is a bit buggy and folks are experiencing crashes. That isn’t good. The problem must be fairly common since some customers have returned their Xoom. Interesting.

But there is something that I think is going to be more interesting for 2011. Is anyone, anywhere, with any type of tablet going to be able to beat out the Apple iPad 2?

There is one thing that Apple has that is going to be difficult to duplicate. An operating system that just flat-out works. Others may be able to duplicate the hardware. They may be able to duplicate the applications. They may even be able to challenge Apple on pricing. But a better OS? I think not.

I’m not even an Apple fanboy, but just using other devices from Apple has shown me they are light years ahead of the competition and all others need to work hard to try to catch up. Even my little Google Chrome Cr-48 has some needed fixes to even equal or surpass Apple.

Just my opinion and I am sure others will differ. But today, the tablet market belongs to Apple.

Opinions and comments welcome.

Source – ZD-Net