Dayton, Ohio has standards for its police.  Or rather, Dayton, Ohio had standards for its police.

Apparently not enough African Americans were passing the tests to join the police force, so the US Department of Justice mandated that the test standards be lowered.

Where is the NAACP on this issue?  Dayton NAACP President Derrick Foward disagreed with the idea.

This is not the first time the Department of (Impaired) Justice pulled the race card, forcing other cities to lower standards.


Don’t you get a warm feeling inside, knowing that the people keeping the peace in your neighborhood couldn’t pass the test, so the test was made easier so there would be more African Americans on the force?

Should the DOJ insist that height standards be lowered so Jews can join the NBA?

Should the armed forces start hiring the developmentally disabled (away from Congress) to run missile silos?

How about firefighters under sixteen?  James Baker for small arms instructor?  Dick Cheney as a comedian?

Whatever happened to the best and the brightest?

I’ll tell you what happened: the politically correct people neutered them.


And furthermore… if I were African American, I’d be highly insulted.