Part of my job is to provide coaching, guidelines, tips, etc. to first time bloggers. One question that always comes up from new bloggers is ‘How much time do I need to devote to my blog?’ People want to know how much time they should spend writing their blog and how frequently they should post a new one. One hour per blog? One post a day? One post a week? Whenever they feel like it?

How Devoted Do I Need To Be To My Blog?
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There isn’t a clear cut answer to either question. However, there are some general recommendations that you can consider.

In terms of how often you should post, the more frequent the better because it gives your readers a reason to come back to your blog. New content on a frequent basis attracts brings your current readers back and attracts new ones. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t buy the newspaper if the stories never changed. If you’re new to blogging, try committing to a new blog once a week. If you can muster up more, even better!

In terms of time spent writing a blog, it certainly doesn’t need to be hours. Approximately 15 minutes per blog, 30 minutes at the most, is all you should need. Remember, you’re not writing a novel or an essay. A few sentences or paragraphs are all you need.

I usually tell new bloggers to get into a good routine right from the start. Pick a specific day and time that you’re going to write and post your blog, then stick to your schedule. You’re far more likely to blog on a regular and frequent basis if you get into a good routine.