There is a major reason why most people come here to LockerGnome and other related Web sites, and the reason being is our love for technology. During the past decade, technology has brought us new devices and improvements that have eclipsed our wildest dream. What it has also brought with it, is the thinking that any company can build anything and they will come. No offense corporate America, but in the past 100 years or so, no one has built a better mouse trap. The simplicity of the striker mouse trap has made it a favorite and still has proven itself in reliability and function. Woe to the mouse who nibbles the bait only to find themselves being dispatched to mouse heaven.

In the technology field there now seems to be a common thread that some companies are trying, but that may doom themselves to fail. One only needs to look at Microsoft to learn that not everything one builds, no matter how much money one throws at it, will be a success. Does anyone remember Bob? How about Windows Me? Microsoft has other misses in its past like the MSN Smart Watch, Encarta, MS Money, and the latest is the Zune. This isn’t the entire list of past failures but it is a list of failures that other companies should heed.

Last week I wrote a piece about why the Apple iPad was such a success and why others would find it hard to catch up. I mentioned that it was not the hardware that Apple had the advantage, but it was its operating system. I received some comments from readers that indicated they thought other operating systems like the new HP webOS, which is coming this summer, or the Android Honeycomb operating system from Google could be real contenders. This could very well happen.

How many companies can sell one million units of anything in one weekend after being launched? Analysts are indicating that Apple may have reached this milestone and are also stating that the original iPad from Apple didn’t reach the one million sales mark until 28 days after it was launched.

With that being said, and while we wait for other tablets to hit the market, it should be interesting to see how well they sell. I have also written about the Motorola Xoom and its lackluster performance. If any other tablet can sell one million units in six months, the company who sells this tablet will be a contender in my book.

In the meantime, every company out there is trying to emulate each other. Some are going to fail and fail hard they will. I think that some companies would be better if they concentrated on improving their current products instead of trying to imitate something others designed and that has proven successful.

Just my personal opinion.

Comments welcome.

Source – Reuters