Let’s take a momentary break from the non-stop barrage of tragic news emanating from Japan and instead focus on President Obama, who is in the headlines, as leader of the free world, discussing March Madness.

Now that we’re through with the latest great accomplishment of President Giveaway, let’s get back to the central point of this entry: are the laws of physics different in Japan than the US or other countries?

I ask because I’m really confused over all the seemingly contradictory news flowing from Japan and our alleged press.  Generally the word meltdown has a really negative ring to it.  It tends to get even worse when it is applied to nuclear plants.

We know that four nuclear plants in Japan were seriously damaged.  The news out of Japan has been contradictory (to be polite) all by itself.  Add in the already completely filtered US news and you have a mass of information that appears to be completely useless, much like the nuclear plants themselves.

Japan has not released radiation numbers. Japan also hasn’t made too big a deal out of the fact that their spent fuel rods were stored at the tops of the reactors, which were blown up.  And has anyone mentioned that some of the existing fuel rods have been exposed to the air?

Remember Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania?  It wasn’t exactly Chernobyl, but the public was lied to about the seriousness of the event.  I strongly suspect there is some serious intentional confusion and withholding of facts.  If you want to know who is behind this, answer the Main Question: Who Benefits?


The US suggests that everyone within eighty kilometers of the Fukushima plant evacuate.      The UK has issued a Get the Hell Out of Tokyo order.  US experts say the US won’t feel the effects of this crisis.  The chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission states that radiation levels are “extremely high.”  Japan states that there is no danger to anyone living within twenty kilometers.  Oddly enough, there is plenty of personal radiation spot-checking going on in Japan.

You tell me, Japan.  Which is it – dangerous or not?

Japan has had all sorts of interesting ideas on how to cool the out-of-control reactors, ranging from having helicopters dump water on them to pumping in sea water.  These have all turned out to be Really Bad Ideas<tm> for technical reasons like too much radiation to fly over or water is not helping cool things down sufficiently.


Did you know that during the design phase of these General Electric nuclear plants, several engineers quit rather than be associated with this faulty and potentially harmful design.  In short, they were concerned that the containment had not been tested and would not be sufficient for emergencies like the one facing Japan today.

There are currently twenty three of these GE Mark One plants running in the US.  In Germany, Merkel has ordered all of their Mark Ones shut down until further notice.


Potassium iodide and radiation detectors are in high demand.  Potassium iodide is recommended to help your thyroid to absorb less radiation.  Remember when radiation detectors were what the Paranoid used to wave around their microwave ovens to check for leakage?


With the lack of real factual, intelligible information, one could well smell coverup.  We are getting more information from a Japanese live blog than from official Japanese sources.  Why do you suppose that is?


Washington (CNN) — The U.S. military has blocked access to a range of popular commercial websites in order to free up bandwidth for use in Japan recovery efforts, according to an e-mail obtained by CNN and confirmed by a spokesman for U.S. Strategic Command.

The US military is blocking high-traffic sites (across the .MIL domain) to free up bandwidth to help Japan better?   Is this normal?  Are these sites blocked in Afghanistan? Iraq?