Whoa! Ain’t that like OJ calling someone a murderer?

Yes, you heard it right. While we are still now 100% certain about OJ, anyone with an IQ in the non-negative number group knows that copyright litigation is entirely about being excessive. I mean isn’t that why we call it “sue ’em all?” Short of Guantanamo Bay, there is nothing else in existence that so lacks due process.

So it should seem totally ironic that a copyright troll is now making this most absurd argument. Oh, wait, the absurd part does make sense. Maybe it is just comic.

According to an article at The Las Vegas Sun:

Las Vegas copyright enforcement company Righthaven LLC is complaining that one of its litigation foes is needlessly running up legal costs that Righthaven may end up paying for.

Righthaven — the copyright enforcement partner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Denver Post — since March 2010 has filed at least 249 lawsuits against website operators and message-board posters alleging material from those newspapers was re-posted online without authorization.

Seems someone is doing to RightHoarder Righthaven what it does to others. Isn’t that The Golden Rule? Or is it The Rule of Gold?