I have recently acquired the iWeb Web site creator from Apple. The program is very easy to use with multiple buttons, which make page formatting easy and fast. The many textures and formats that you can shape the page into are amazing and the saving and uploading process is simple and fast with very few details that you must worry about. Not only is formatting and uploading fast but there are many ways to change and sculpt the pages to suit the many ways that people operate and how they want their sites to operate. When you combine the iWeb software with the fast efficient power of the new MacBook Pro you can then create, design, and upload massive multi-paged Web sites with many new features that are not possible with the many Windows versions that cost quite a bit more.

iWeb Review: Pros and Cons

You can design and upload many new forms of video, audio, and picture formats that many Web creation programs can’t compensate for. This then allows you to share more of those vacation photos with friends and family. I think that the only downside is that iWeb doesn’t allow people to expertly craft their sites. Even though you can change the look in simple ways, you cannot change the entire look of the page. You basically click and drag to templates or borders. iWeb is good for beginners or people who want a trouble free, easy to make Web site. Businesses and companies that need a more advanced Web site creator should use something like Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop.

Another downside of iWeb is that it only works on the Apple operating system. You have to buy a Mac to actually work with the software. Some people that have work-at-home businesses can’t just go to the store and buy a whole new Mac. This fact can greatly capture some people’s imagination and resolve.

My name is Logan Davel. I am fifteen years old and want to start a career in blogging and Web site creation. I am learning C++ code and have beginner knowledge in how to use Adobe Dreamweaver.