Yesterday I received a flyer from Circuit City — yes, it is still around — with a listing of tablet computers. I was actually surprised at the number of tablets that Circuit City was selling. There was only one problem with the list of tablets. It was apparent that these were mere imitations of the popular Apple iPad and I would categorize these tablets as wannabes. Pricing for the units ranged from a low of $99.99 to a high of $349.99. Here are a few of the models that Circuit City is selling:

For $99.99 it has a refurbished Archos 7″ model # 501521, which is described as an Internet Home Tablet that will connect you to the Internet and is a device that will fill the gap between your home personal computer and smart phone. The Archos has a 7″ screen, a 660MHz processor, 8GB internal memory, and uses the Android 1.6 operating system. This is a refurbished product and make sure you check out the coupon, which you need to use to get the price down to $99.99. The Archos can be found here.

Another unit is Curtis model LT7028, which is a 7″ touchscreen tablet with 4GB of memory and using the Android 2.1 operating system at $149.99. The unit comes with a 1GHz ARM processor and also comes with USB, HDMI, and other options that make it an improvement over the model above. This is a new unit but also has a discount code that needs to be used to save $30, making the price $119.99. The Curtis can be found here.

Next we have a Viewsonic gTablet using Android 2.2, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 1GHz featuring 1080P playback. The unit also comes with a 10.1 screen, HDMI, USB ports on sale for $349.99 after a $ 20 coupon rebate. This unit seems like the closet to an Apple iPad that is being featured by Circuit City and can be viewed here. I have owned Viewsonic monitors before and their performance is satisfactory.

I have never owned any of these tablet computers, so I cannot offer any opinion on how well they work or how well they may not work. But if you have owned one of these, would you take the time to let us know what your experience has been?

For those that have never owned one of these devices, would you buy one of these?

Comments welcome.

PS FWIW Circuit City was purchased by TigerDirect which uses the Circuit City brand name.