Rumors are starting to fly that there may be a relatively cheap Chrome or Android Netbook computer coming our way, priced at $250 or less. The rumors also suggest that the price could drop to as low as $O if one signs up for a Verizon 3G data connection plan. The company that could make the small netbook computer is Asus and I would have to state that this could be an accurate rumor for several reasons.

Though I have no proof of this and it is purely speculation on my part, but when I first received my Google Chrome Ct-48 netbook computer, I thought it may have been built by Asus. Why Asus? Google is going to need an established company to produce their first generation computer system. Consumers are going to want an inexpensive netbook but will not sacrifice on quality. Asus produces quality products at competitive pricing.

There was also this experience I had just before receiving the Cr-48 that had to do with a Asus laptop system I repaired. Though I have basically given up repairing computers as a full-time business, I still dabble occasionally repairing computers for family and friends. So after removing a malware critter from the system I returned the unit to its owner. Two days later when I received the Cr-48 the feel of the keyboard mimicked the Asus I had repaired. Coincidence? I’m not sure, but it gave me the feeling that Asus may have been part of the Google Chrome netbook production.

So who might be interested in a netbook computer from Asus? Someone like me. I tried using an Apple iPad to post a blog article and found it cumbersome. The built-in keyboard is awkward for me on the iPad. Since the Cr-48 has a traditional keyboard it is easier for me to use. If I had to make a choice between a tablet computer or a netbook system, I would have to go with the netbook for my personal use.

So what is currently happening in the world of Google Chrome and the Cr-48 netbook computer? A VP from Google has tweeted on March 8th, 2011 that the shipping of Cr-48 netbook computers has ceased. Google is now preparing to enter into a second phase of development as they continue to fine tune their Chrome OS. Google is mum on exactly when the Google Chrome OS will be released or when Google Chrome OS equipped computers will hit the street. There are some who are saying that June, 2011 is when Google will make a Chrome or Android netbook available.

I switched my Cr-48 over to developers mode to test more of the beta features Google is trying. If you haven’t tried developers mode, you may wish to give it a try. Performance improvement is amazing. 🙂

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