In my attempt to bring to you, the reader, information that will challenge your brain I have an experiment for you to try. Post something on your Facebook wall and see how many of your friends respond to it. According to one recent article I read, the writer claimed that only 10% of his friends actually responded, leading him to believe that not every one of his friends see what we post or chose to respond to it.

Here is what I did. I posted on my wall that I was conducting an experiment and wanted to see how many of my friends actually viewed my post. I asked those that did to click on the like button, so I could take a count of those who say what I posted. I am not a huge Facebook user, but I do check my account several times a day. I only have 141 friends in my friends list, so if over 14 friends reply, my average would be above the 10% the author wrote about and the friends who responded to his wall post.

To be fair, the author was trying to make a point on friends who viewed his Facebook page for his band. He went to some of the most popular bands on the planet who are on Facebook and also noted that fans only responded to wall writings about 1% of the time. The point he was trying to make was that to promote a band on Facebook was, in his opinion, a waste of time.

There is another variable that I believe is very important. The 141 people I have in my friends lists are actually real friends. I seriously doubt that as the author stated on one popular band site they had over 800,000 friends, that the band knew all of the people by name. So is a friends list more about people who just hang on to other people’s life vicariously or are they truly friends?

The writer didn’t indicate how long he waited to have his friends respond. If his friends are like mine, he may not see them respond even after a week. I know some of my friends may only check their Facebook page once or twice a month. Of course I have other friends that must spend a lot of time on Facebook, which is fine, so I have confidence they will respond quickly.

I am going to wait for 12 hours to see how many of my friends actually click the like button. Ticktock, ticktock.

When I awoke this morning I checked how many of my friends had clicked on the like button and the total was 31. That is just a little over 20% of my friends who stopped by and read my post. If you have the time and want to try this experiment yourself, let us know your results.

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Source – Hypebot