Potassium iodide tablets are selling out in pharmacies across the United States as people worry about the radiation from the Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan somehow spreading across the Pacific Ocean. If you can’t score the tablets at your corner Walgreens, check out eBay, where a pack of 14 pills can cost over $40. Still don’t feel safe?¬†Radiation¬†detectors seem to be selling on the site as well as the iPad 2.

Even after experts have assured people in the United States that it is impossible that a harmful level of radiation will reach Alaska or California, people still have to find something to worry about. They’re willing to spend almost any amount of money to feel safe. I haven’t seen anything like this since 2001 after 9/11 when people were rushing to stores to buy guns and gas masks. ¬†Nothing fuels the economy better than a worried public. Keep up the good work, Fox News!