For many people out there, a ton of anticipation is weighing heavy that implementing HTML5 usage is going to be a game changing experience. Smoother code for websites, better video playback for the end user, the list goes on.

The missing piece thus far, has been finding the perfect browser to make all of this happen. Well, at least from the end user’s perspective that is. And that brings us to a list of the best browsers for HTML5.

My browser top picks

IE9 – Some sites suggest that IE9 provides the best support, period. But there is much speculation about how true this is considering that Microsoft allegedly had funds tied to many of these sources. Tests with the browser do indicate however, that it works pretty darned well.

Firefox 4 – About time we finally rolled out a new release, right? Especially with everyone chomping at the bit to get a hold of some of that HTML5 video capacity. Well despite concerns early on, the new faster Firefox browser proves that it does great with all HTML5 capabilities.

Best Browsers For HTML5
Photo by avlxyz

Opera browser 11– Yes, Opera also provides good HTML5 support. And video playback using this new technology works pretty well. So it’s a good option, but it should be noted that despite Opera’s advantages, the browser didn’t work well with HTML5 drag-n-drop tests.

Chrome – One of my personal favorites, this browser is a great option with speed and compatibility. As a matter fact, there has even been speculation that HTML5 will render the need for Google Gears a moot issue. Google Chrome provides very good HTML5 support.

Safari – Whether it be for Windows or OS X, Safari is also a great option. Apple is a rabid supporter of HTML5. Support for HTML5 is very solid with Safari and especially for Mac users, Safari is a great option.