When most people think of blogging, they picture themselves over on a website posting content of interest. But what about Mac users who’d rather use something other than a browser? As luck would have it, there is indeed software that will allow a user to try their hand and blogging without ever needing to open up Safari or Firefox.

MarsEdit – Easily one of the most popular and the best of the available blogging applications for OS X, MarsEdit allows bloggers to easily create content and post it from the comfort of their own desktop. Other cool extras include goodies such as schedule posting, application stability among other benefits one would expect. The downside to this option is that it’s expensive and lacks a visual editor.

Blogging Software For The Mac
Photo by googlisti

Qumana – Not as sexy looking as the solution above, Qumana provides some fairly significant benefits for those looking to get their blog updated. First of all it’s free. Then there is the feature of having a visual editor and being able to drag & drop images into posts. The bugs are that it doesn’t play well with the “more” tag. For my money, I’d take Qumana any day of the week.

Advantages of using a browser

Having highlighted two of OS X’s best solutions to blogging software, I will now remind you that in some cases relying a browser just makes more sense. First of all, it’s more natural to use. Second, if there are any formating issues, you can address then easily within the HTML editor.

Lastly, if there are any server outages to be aware of, you’ll know instantly. And besides, the option for post revisions is kind of nice as well. Who says using a browser to submit content a blog is completely outdated? Not me, I’d prefer to use what I know. And that means browser first and Qumana second.