Here are some facts that none of us can dispute. Facebook has amassed a client list of 600 million fans and continues to grow every day. Twitter handles some 25 billions tweets in a single year. Zynga has 100 million users on Cityville in just six weeks and the list of online social networks continues at an unprecedented rate. What is also growing is the number of woman who command a major presence at these sites and other sites far exceeding the number of male visitors.

Woman are just more sociable than men. In fact woman usually make up about 55% of those who visit social networking sites and spend usually 30% more time on social sites than do men. No real surprise here. I noticed that, in my list of friends on Facebook, woman in my life make up more than 60% of those who post on my wall. They also spend a lot more time on Facebook than I do, since they post a lot more information than I do or that other males on my friends list do.

What is really being noticed by large corporations with an Internet presence is that it is the women who generate revenues and not us men. No surprise here really. Men just don’t like to shop to begin with and this dislike is being manifested on the Internet just as it has been at the brick and mortar stores. Sites like Zappos, Groupon, Gilt Groupe. Etsy, and others report that 70% of their sales are made by women. Even Amazon started a separate site called ‘Amazon Mom’ that caters to the women in our life.

Facebook concurs that over 60% of users of its site facilities are in fact women. It was the women who flocked to Facebook first and made Facebook what it is today. Women post more on walls, join more groups, and add more photographs than us men do, which makes one wonder. If the women didn’t take the lead on Facebook, would Facebook be what it is today? I doubt it. We men just followed the lead of the women and joined later on the social network. Think about it for a minute, guys: would you have joined Facebook on your own without having the women on Facebook?

Social networks and sites that sell products need to recognize the fact that the women are in control. If a company or Web site wishes to increase their revenues, they should look at the women to take them where they want to go. Women have the power to make or break a product or keep social networks alive.

Do do women rule the Internet? You decide.

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Source – TechCrunch