According to Amazon it has sold millions of its popular eBook reader, Kindle. The Kindle is advertised on Amazon as a device that not only allows the reader to download eBooks, but also newspapers and magazines. Its 3G model is also unique since it provides free access to the Amazon site from anywhere that 3G service is available. With a battery that Amazon claims will last for over a month, the Kindle is in fact a very popular and reliable device.

So could an Android Kindle Tablet actually be in the Amazon arsenal coming our way soon? Amazon has been on a recent hiring adventure looking for Android developers. At first some thought it was for the upcoming Android application store soon to hit Amazon shelves. But now it seems that some are thinking that Amazon could be in the process of building an Android Kindle Tablet of its own.

So what would Amazon accomplish by having its own tablet computer? Amazon is and has been in direct competition with Apple for music downloads, Barnes and Noble [at one time], for eBook downloads, and also against Netflix for the movie streaming plus rental business. Amazon also has what I would describe as a trustworthy reputation. For the most part all of my deals with Amazon have been great and I am even a Prime member. I now have access to its free movie rental service, which like Netflix and DirecTV provides old movies of little or no value (just my personal opinion).

What Amazon may be looking at is how the company can position itself — kind of like an online Walmart of sorts. Amazon having its own tablet computer would allow the company to not only offer Android applications, but also movies, music, and TV shows it controls to a device that it also would make. This is not to say that the device wouldn’t also offer other third party applications or downloads. Amazon, because of its reputation, could become the next great tablet company.

I see this situation like standing at a craps table in any gambling casino. Standing around the table are representatives from all of the major tablet producers, soon to be tablet producers, the music, movie, and TV entertainment industries. No one is exactly sure who is going to throw a 7 or 11, make the point, or crap out. With billions of dollars at stake it should be interesting to see what happens.

Would you buy an Android Kindle Tablet?

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